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HC4 Blunt Round Struts – Cundy Peeled 8′ x 3”-4” (2.4m x 75-100mm)

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Without a strut, the strength of a strainer is massively reduced.

Vital to be used at ends/corners and also with intermediate strainers as well, the strut acts as a diagonal brace to stop the strainer from moving when under tension.

There are three key reasons why our struts are so popular:

1. Redwood Timber: This is more naturally durable than whitewood timber and will also last up to 3 times longer

2. Pressure Treated: We make sure our struts are correctly pressure treated, guaranteeing maximum penetration and helping prevent rot through water ingress

3. Milling: We ensure our struts are machined to a high standard from good quality timber, particularly important due to being a key structural element in the fence run

And it?s because of this that we spend so much time sourcing our timber, taking the time so we can give you the peace of mind that what you put up is going to stand up to the varied British climate.

The amount of struts you require will be based on how many strainers you are planning to use at what points. For end strainers, you will just need one strut and for corners/two way strainers, you will need two per strainer.

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