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Gardening Gift Sets

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My First Gardening Set:

Perfect for those smaller hands, the Greenman Children’s gardening kit comprises of a trowel and fork. Built with children in mind, the tools are robust enough to withstand unbridled enthusiasm yet benefit from the same craftsmanship and attention as their adult version.
The child’s trowel is 25cm in length and 6.5cm at the widest part of the blade with the handle being 9cm long and 2.5cm at the waisted part in the middle.

Planting Out Set

When the time is right to plant out your seedlings or young plants, the Greenman Gardening Tools Planting Out set combines all the necessary tools to make the job as easy as possible. Comprising of the Greenman Ash Stainless Steel Trowel with its handy depth markings on the face, the steel tipped dibber and a handy ball of twine.
Transplant Trowel Dimensions: L: 32cm W:6.5cm
Steel Tipped Dibber Dimensions: L: 30cm

Hand Tool Set;

The trowel and weed fork are the essential partnership for all budding gardeners. Comprising of the Greenman Ash Stainless Steel Trowel and the Greenman Ash Stainless Steel Weed Fork, the hand tool gift set is a perfect present for any gardener regardless of their skill set.
Weed Fork Dimensions; L: 30cm W: 7.5cm
Steel Trowel Dimensions; L: 32cm W: 9.5cm

Potting Up Set:

Plants in pots need potting up every year or two to allow more space for their roots to develop and replace tired compost. The Greenman Gardening Tools Potting Up set combines the essential tools you need to carry out this process. Combining the Greenman Compost scoop and the steel dipper dibber, you have everything you need to make potting up easy and pleasurable.


My First Gardening Set, Planting Out Set, Hand Tool Set, Potting Up Set


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