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Individual Pointed Top Palisade Pales (TYPE 2)

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Timber Palisade Fencing (also known as picket fencing) is a popular style of traditional fencing in England.

Regardless of which shape top is chosen, the basic principle of installation is the same, leaving approximately a pale width gap between each pale.

Our Pale?s are cut from premium grade timber then planed all round, giving a fine smooth finish before the pressure treatment process to ensure maximum lifespan is achieved and protection again water ingress and wood rot.

To work out what you require, firstly measure your required fence run in metres.

Then, based on having a 75mm space between pales, divide your measurement by 0.15m (or 150mm, the width of a 75mm pale and a 75mm space) to give you the number of pales you require. For example, a 30m fence run divided by 0.15 would require 200 individual pales.

We always recommend allowing a percentage extra for wastage as well.

The standard rail used is ether an 88x38mm or 100x38mm, generally fixed onto a 75x75mm or 100x100mm post.
A gravel board is also recommended to prevent the bottoms of the pales from being in ground contact, guarding against wood rot and extending the life of your fence.

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