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Millboard® Decking Bullnose Board 3600mm x 150mm x 32mm

£80.92£85.81 (exc VAT)

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The finishing touch for true distinction.

Our finishing touches add exceptional stability and aid ease of installation on steps and other exposed edges. Achieve a refined look that adds distinction to any setting.

Please note that our Smoked Oak & Driftwood ranges share the same Edging & Fascia items. This is also true of our Burnt Cedar & Embered ranges, due to the close similarity in look and shade.

More resistant to algae: Unlike wood, there is no protein content to assist algal growth within the boards.

Slip-resistant: In testing, millboard has a lower slip potential than timber, especially in the wet.

Lightweight: Easier to handle and install

Low Maintenance: Does not require regular sanding, staining or oiling. Simply clean the boards twice a year.

‘Lost Head’ Fixing: Durafix fixings are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface.

Environmentally friendly: Base materials have low impact on global warming and ozone depletion.

Non-Porous: It’s non porous surface makes it easier to clean small spills

UV and weathering stability: UV stabilised for better performance over time.

Mould masters from real oak: Not extruded like most composites. Millboard decking looks just like the real thing.

Splinter Free Surface: No wood content means absolutely no splinters on the surface.

Does not warp or rot like wood: No timber content that will rot or be eaten by insects and pests.

Low Carbon Footprint: Independently and UKAS accredited to the ISO14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark.


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