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Concrete Intermediate Slotted Posts

Product Code: Intermediate Slotted Posts

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There are many reasons why our concrete posts are the product of choice for both fencing contractors and private customers alike.

Whilst the initial install cost may be slightly more than timber, the additional lifespan of concrete makes the fence work out significantly more cost effective in the long run.

1. Superior strength is achieved with our posts thanks to the unique semi-dry concrete & steel reinforcing bars used, helping prevent damage prior to installation and making the post able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions

2. Extremely durable thanks to complete resistance to both moisture and rot, giving you the reassurance that these posts will stand the test of time

3. If you?re looking to colour coordinate your garden, these posts are just perfect thanks to the textured surface which allows you to apply the colour treatment of your choice

4. These posts are also CE marked meaning that they comply with the relevant EU directives for complete peace of mind

To work out how many posts you will need, take the overall length of your fence run (in metres), then divide it by 1.8 (the width of a panel).

You then need to add 1 to this for an ‘Extra-over? post at the end of your fence line.

So, if your fence run is 18m, 18 divided by 1.8 equals 10, plus 1 = 11 posts required.

If your fence run doesn?t work out to a multiple of 3 (or the bay width you choose), be sure to round up rather than down so you don?t run out of materials.

**Please note the WET CAST have a smoother finish, and are slightly chunkier**

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