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Treated Sawn Fencing Rail 88mm x 38mm (3 1/2” x 1 1/2”)

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These Sawn Fencing Rails are one of our most popular products because they can be used with so many types of fencing.

This size rail is commonly used with Agricultural Post & Rail, Closeboard Fencing, Timber Palisade (Picket) Fencing and also used for Path Edging too!

1. Agricultural Post & Rail: The 3.6m rail is most common here as the posts are generally installed at 1.8m centres, allowing a rail to span two bays. If the fence is to be 2 rails, take the total meterage of the fence, divide it by 3.6 then multiply this by 2

2. Closeboard Fencing: The 3.0m rail is generally used for closeboard, allowing posts to be installed at 3m centres. To work out how many are required, take the total length of the fence run, divide it by 3 then multiply it by the number of rails required (2 for up to 5? (1.5m) or 3 for over 5? (1.5m)

3. Timber Palisade (Picket) Fencing: 3.6m rail is most common for the same reason as Agricultural fencing as posts are normally installed at 1.8m centres. Generally, Timber Palisade fencing requires 2 rails, so take your total fence length, divide it by 3.6m then multiply by 2

4. Path Edging: Normally, the 3.6m is used as it covers the linear meterage quicker. To work out what you require, divide the total length of path edging required by 3.6

Dimensions 0.038 × 3 × 0.088 m


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