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Concrete Gravel Board (For Closeboard)

Product Code: Concrete Gravel Board

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Installing a gravel board (also known as a ‘kick board?) is an important part of a closeboard fence.

The purpose of a gravel board is to protect the bottom of the feather edge cladding by preventing it from being in ground contact, which stops the bottom of the fence from rotting.

1. Superior strength is achieved thanks to the unique semi-dry concrete & steel reinforcing bars used, helping prevent damage prior to installation and making the gravel board able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions

2. Extremely durable thanks to complete resistance to both moisture and rot, giving you the reassurance that these gravel boards will stand the test of time

In order to work out the quantity you require, divide the total fence length (in metres) by 3. If necessary, you may need to round up to the nearest whole number.

**Please note the WET CAST has a smoother finish and is slightly chunkier.**

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