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C8/80/15 – Pig/Sheep Stock Fence

Product Code: C8/80/15

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Stock fencing is designed with smaller hole spacing at the bottom which then gets bigger towards the top of the fence, keeping both the younger animals from getting through the bottom as well as the older, larger animals.

All our stock fencing is galvanised, giving superior protection against the weather and maximising the service life of the fence.

While there are a few variations of Sheep or Pig Stock fence, the most common size is the C8/80/15. If you?re wondering what the letters and numbers mean in the names of stock fence, this may help you:

L : Light Duty

C : Medium Duty

HT: High Tensile

The middle number is the height of the stock fence (in centre metres), so C8/80/15 is 80cm (2?8″) high.

The last number refers to the distance between vertical wires, so in the previous example, the space would be 15cm (6″).

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