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Machined Round Stakes – Pointed (85mm+)

Product Code: HC4 Treatment

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These Long Life Machined round stakes are popular for many uses but particularly for fencing.

Due to the refined appearance and smooth feel, these are quite commonly used with our machined half round rails for post and rail fencing near areas of high footfall or alternatively with stock fencing or wire netting.

As the post is the backbone of any fence run, it?s critical that the quality of the post is not compromised. Because of this, we spend time sourcing our timber so we can give you the peace of mind that what you put up is going to stand up to the varied British climate.

1. HC4 Treatment (also known as UC4 or User Class 4): This is a standard of treatment to give the customer the reassurance that this post is fit for service as a long life post

2. Timber: Where the timber is sourced from and the species of timber is critical to the life expectancy of the product, both of which our mills are very particular about

3. Milling: We ensure our posts are machined to a high standard, giving a superior finish to the fence run

To work out how many stakes you will need, take the overall length of your fence run (in metres), then divide it by either 5 or 3m (largely, the terrain determines what spacing you set your posts at, if terrain is good then 5m spacing is normally fine).

If your fence run was 30m, you would divide this by 5, which would give you 6 stakes.

You then need to use larger posts at either end (called ‘strainers?) to be able to correctly tension your fence line.

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